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The Night and I
The night is cold and wet outside.
I am 19 again;
Lonely and afraid of it.
My heart is too full.
The night and I are cold.
My tears are wet as they flow outside.
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No More Breath
I breathe.
I breathe in and find that there's a hole in me.
A hole.
And through it, all that I take in escapes me.
I breathe you in.
A deep inhale that I try to hold close.
Close to me.
And I watch as you slip carelessly away.
I breathe.
I breathe deep and dream of a dream without you.
A dream.
And in it, I drift further away.
And breathe no more.
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Another Poem
Down wide streams
The rocks may seem
To never move position
A fool could say
To you or they
It's because of good condition
But fools say things
Of hopes and dreams
And believe that everyone listens
"Wade to your knees
And you'll soon be free
Of all your inhibitions"
But stop to see
These rocks and things
Within their watery prisons
They stack and reach
Up towards the beach
But never think to win
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Descent - Page 1 - Reference by jimmyus Descent - Page 1 - Reference :iconjimmyus:jimmyus 1 0
Mature content
A Poem. :iconjimmyus:jimmyus 0 0
Beautiful Love
I'm lying in this warm house
I'm shivering but I know that it's not cold out
I touch my heart and feel it caving in
I try to just close my eyes then
But if I could just lay my head
In the blankets of our bed
I could feel your breath against my body
and the rhythm of your love for me
To hear you say baby this is your chance
to take the rest of your life into your hands
I know it's hard but baby you can do this
My beautiful love someday you can just live
My hands are clenched to my chest
It's taken all I've got to breathe just one breath
My eyes are shut tight cause I can't fight it
You know me so well that I won't hide it
I've gotta let it out because I just can't take it anymore
I feel like my very soul is sore
from this never ending war with me
It's like it's burning up the life of me
I wish I could just lay my head
With you lying next to me in bed
I wanna feel the rhythm of your body
While you take away this pain and save me
Won't you give me all you have to give
Cause I'm dying
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Mature content
Wierdness with a Goat :iconjimmyus:jimmyus 0 4
How do you feel
And what does it take to be able to break out
And change who you are
When do you know
When it's time to grow
Because your world's at stake
And I
I burn on the inside
Not with desire or a need to try
Just to be satisfied
This place
It makes me so weak
And my only strength is in the length
Of the struggling weeks that I'm dying to keep it
Within arms' reach
And I
I burn on the inside
Not with desire or a need to try
Just to be satisfied
I need to be
More than I've always been
I'm tired of yearnin'
All this endless searchin'
Leaves me empty inside
And I need to be satisfied
I've learned my one truth
And it's a cold, hard truth
There's no use trying to fight against what you are
And once you can feel
The whole world becomes real
The flames inside
That consume all of you
Will be blown away
So how do you feel
Oh, how do you feel
How do you feel
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Poem 9 :iconjimmyus:jimmyus 2 2
Mature content
Poem 8 :iconjimmyus:jimmyus 0 0
Mature content
Poem 7 :iconjimmyus:jimmyus 0 2
Mature content
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Poem 5
26 August 2010, 3:35 am, 5:05 pm
"Recipe to Break Me Down"
Prepared in a glance
Served cold
Whip up ¼ parts confidence, intelligence, humor
In a separate soul mix 1/8 hope and doubt of any good to come of this
Blend mixtures together and add one body yearning to be held
Beat in one man desperate to be free
Place both hands on my hips
With fingertips at the small of my back
And slow cook me for sixty eternal seconds
With your searching blue eyes.
Grab hold of my gaze
With your deep voice as soft as oven mitts.
Pour yourself out through your non-stick truth
And fold me into your arms.
Walk me home in thirty stand-still minutes to cool.
Done in three weeks.
Serves none.
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Poem 4
26 August 2010, 3:45 am, 4:46 pm
"Mimes Are Sad"
These walls aren't fake
And we are boxed in
Drawn faces holding
What we're thinking in
Opposite ends
Like a tug-of-rope war
I'm the only one pulling
So these punches don't go far
A wave of your hand
To make your face change
With my cupped-hand-binoculars
All I see is pain
Running in place
And through the smoke cloud I see you
Teetering on the edge, but we're not real
I can't break through
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Poem 3 :iconjimmyus:jimmyus 0 2
Mature content
Poem 2 :iconjimmyus:jimmyus 0 0


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So I've finally got some more stuff to do in addition to writing Bridgehead.

Sure, all of them are writing projects as opposed to the less daunting editing projects I was hoping to acquire but...PROJECTS!!

I'll be getting back to working on a horror-circus comic that I started on with someone else a couple of years ago or so. I've been given permission to move ahead with it as long as appropriate credit is given where due.

I'm also working on another comic of my own creation that I'm really hoping will turn out as satisfying and vivid as it has been in my mind.

Third and fourth-ly are two other, smaller projects on my part. One may be a collaborative webcomic with a fellow deviant and the other would be the brief revival of an old and, mostly, failed attempt at writing a Greek mythology inspired graphic novel. I think I may have that in my gallery here somewhere. That's really just a desperate play to have some finalized sequential art done for at least ONE of my scripts. Hur hur hur...:(

All in all it's fair to say I've put quite a heap on my plate and I'm both terrified and thrilled to be in the process of getting it all tackled.

Wish me luck and if you have any editing you need done, check out my most-likely-dying thread here:…


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm making attempts at writing a comic book (limited series).

Someday I'd like to be a writer, an editor and/or publisher, a wife, and a mother.

Swearing is an art that few have mastered.

Current Residence: Long Beach, CA
Favourite genre of music: rock, metal, country, contemporary, jazz


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dendorrity Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hello Christina,

Thank you for favoriting my robotic "Alice in Wonderland" rabbit. It was an interesting idea that the model I am currently painting suggested when I told her I was thinking of painting a tattoo on her in a new painting that I should be uploading tonight (boy was that a compound sentence or what).

Haven't heard from you in a while so thought I would stop in and see how you are doing.

- D
jimmyus Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
That's awesome. I look forward to seeing the new piece. Your skill with color is just fantastic and the overall design and composition of the tattoo piece were great.

I've been pretty well. Trying to keep myself busy with a few different writing projects. The "new" ones are old ideas I had jotted down and are only just coming together and other things like that. But I'm still writing Bridgehead pretty consistently.

Your art is looking good; hopefully you've been doing well also.
dendorrity Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Everything is going well. I've been working more on book illustrations and book covers recently. I would like all my art to move towards creating book covers and illustrations for fantasy and sci-fi books. 

I will need to go in and read your Bridgehead content that you have posted. 

I'm giving myself one more day to post this final image. I was working on it last night and I decided to work a little more on the character's gloves and outfit.

Good hearing from you. If you need a character illustration done for one of your ideas, please contact me. 

- D
jimmyus Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer

I don't have any new writing up; I'm kind of keeping it undercover in hopes of finding an artist soon.

I think I might have a character design you might enjoy if you're game and have the time. Let me know and I'll shoot you a note from the Bridgehead account.
(1 Reply)
dendorrity Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Happy Birthday! I just noticed this and realize it has been a while since we've worked on anything. Hope all is well with you. I've dropped in a few times to see how your comic is going.

Hope you are having a great day!

- D
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